My Webrequest

Control your browser's web request.


Welcome to My Webrequest 欢迎使用My Webrequest

This is a Chrome extension based on Chrome webrequest API. It can be used to manage Chrome's web request (blocking request, forcing HTTPS connection), browse hotlinking pictures, inspect network requests (recorded as logs), and also with the QR code feature (It's an easy way to share text from PC to phone). Click the button on the top right to install it. Please read the help content in option page before using.

这个一个基于Chrome webrequest API的谷歌浏览器扩展。它可以用来屏蔽请求,强制使用加密连接,浏览盗链图,监控网络请求(将请求以日志形式记录下拉),另外还有二维码功能(可以用来向手机传送简单的文本信息)。点击右上放的按钮来安装本扩展,使用前请阅读选项页的帮助信息。

Feedback 反馈

This is a software, so it has bugs. If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email. And if you are using github, it's much more appreciated to create a new issue on my repository. Thanks a lot:)